Delivering important answers about liver cancer

See how the Oncoguard® Liver solution can help you

Designed with the hope of bringing better outcomes to more people at risk

The Oncoguard® Liver solution includes a sophisticated, yet simple, blood test with high performance designed to enable the detection of early-stage liver cancer. The test is complemented by a Patient Engagement Program to help empower you to proactively protect your health and follow through with routine testing. Together, the Oncoguard® Liver solution offers a streamlined approach to liver cancer detection.


Simple, routine blood collection that can be performed at or near your doctor’s office


Offers greater convenience vs imaging procedures that are the current standard of care


The Oncoguard® Liver test has high sensitivity—the test’s ability to find liver cancer when it’s there—even at an early stage


A tailored Patient Engagement Program is available to help you keep up with your recommended routine testing for liver cancer


The Oncoguard® Liver test was studied in a large group of at-risk people—both with and without liver cancer.

  • The study included people who were at risk for a variety of reasons.
  • The test detected all stages (including early-stage) of cancer with a high degree of accuracy.
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