Helping you stay on top of your care

Exact Sciences wants to help you get access to the tests you need


The Oncoguard® Liver solution includes a patient support program that can help you adhere to your regular testing schedule and play an active role in your health. The Oncoguard Liver® Patient Engagement Program offers:

Educational material to keep you informed about liver cancer and the importance of regular testing
Care Navigators to help you understand the testing process
Reminders to help you stay up to date with regular testing

Exact Sciences recognizes that coverage for liver cancer testing is vital to ensuring that you have access to the quality information you deserve about your health.

We are working with insurance companies on an ongoing basis to gain coverage and more information will be provided as coverage expands.

Financial support


As Exact Sciences continues efforts to ensure insurance coverage for the Oncoguard® Liver test, we also recognize that early-stage detection can't wait. We want to help you stay on track with your testing by offering:

  • Flexible payment plans

  • A financial assistance program, based on eligibility

  • Patient-assisted insurance appeals

If your insurance company will not pay for the Oncoguard® Liver test or you have difficulty paying your bill, please reach out to our Customer Care Center to ask about any of these programs.


Contact the Customer Care Center at 1-844-870-8870.