Delivering a high degree of sensitivity for HCC detection

Designed for accurate early-stage detection in real-world settings

The OncoguardTM Liver test was designed to deliver a high level of accuracy with enhanced sensitivity for detection of early-stage HCC.1



At 87% specificity, the OncoguardTM Liver test demonstrates:

82%sensitivity forearly-stage HCC
94%sensitivity forlate-stage HCC

Validation of the test demonstrated high performance compared with:

AFP40%sensitivity forearly-stage AFP1
82%sensitivity forearly-stage HCC1
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Survival rates for patients with HCC are improved with early-stage detection

Localized stage


Five-year survival rate for those who are diagnosed at an early stage and undergo curative therapy

Regional stage
Distant stage


Five-year survival rate for those diagnosed at late stage2

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The strong performance of the OncoguardTM Liver test combined with easy-to-interpret results may enable early-stage HCC detection—a fundamental step toward improving outcomes for patients.1

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