Finding liver cancer in early stages

Learn more about this simple blood test 

Leading experts developed the test to help make early-stage detection possible

The development of the Oncoguard® Liver test gives you and your doctor a new tool for liver cancer testing that is simple and more convenient than other procedures and can aid in detecting liver cancer at an early stage.

With one simple blood test, the Oncoguard® Liver test can give you and your doctor clear, accurate, and reliable information.


The Oncoguard® Liver test doesn’t rely on measuring just one thing—it was developed based on extensive research and experience to look for several factors that may be connected with liver cancer. This innovative approach led to a test that has:



High sensitivity, meaning it has a high chance of accurately finding liver cancer in those people who actually have it1
High specificity, meaning it has a high chance of accurately giving a negative result where there is no cancer2


It’s an easy, routine blood collection.


The Oncoguard® Liver test is a simple and convenient blood test that provides important information in a single visit. That can mean less time spent booking appointments, fewer trips to and from office visits, and more time to spend on what matters most to you.

  • Blood can be drawn in a doctor's office or lab
  • The Oncoguard® Liver test helps identify patients who may need additional evaluation, and those who may not

A Patient Engagement Program provides the support you need to make it easier to stick with your ongoing testing program.



The Oncoguard® Liver test reports are designed to be easy to read and understand.

High result

A high test result may indicate the presence of liver cancer. When a high result is reported, your doctor may order more tests.


Negative result

A negative test result indicates a lower likelihood of liver cancer. If the result is negative, your doctor may have you continue with regular testing.

False positive and false negative results are possible with the Oncoguard® Liver test. In some situations, a problem with the sample or the testing process occurs. In that case you and your doctor will get an “Invalid” result.

Based on the results of the test, you and your doctor will discuss next steps.

The term liver cancer is used to represent the most common form of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

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